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Modified Mid-length Layers

The modification in this style is made in the side-layers framing the face, which starts at the shoulder and progresses gradually downwards. The cut and perm not only take advantage of the hairís natural tendency to curl outwards at shoulder-length, but also exactly extra control over the hairstyle. "If you need an added guarantee that this cut will always look Salon Perfect, "Set the look with the latest Digital Perm to ensure a gentle wave at the shoulder."

Mid-length Semi-forward Layers

Semi-forward layers are applied to the sides of the hair. The back of the hair is cut fairly straight across and blunt, but the sides are gradually and gently layered for a softer look." Extremely versatile, this look can be blown inwards for a more chic feel, or flipped outwards for a glamorous. "Get the best of both worlds with a Digital PermÖ.your hair will look naturally full and professionally styled," . "Very Glamorous!"

Long Semi-forward Layers

While this longer version of the Mid-length semi-forward layers is equally versatile, the added length makes this look more easily adaptable. The latest Digital Perm technology is then used to create large, loose curls for natural looking waves. "The cut and perm are very Hollywood, very dramatic, very Eva Longoria." For a refreshing change, the hair is left naturally jet black to enhance the dramatic cut and style


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